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What will students study this term?

During half term one, year 7 and 8 are studying UK Geography and map skills. This encompassess the study of the British Isles, world continents and oceans, as well as exploring the purpose of different maps and the skills required to use them.

During half term two, year 7 are studying environmental issues. This unit hones in on issues affecting our world today, such as climate change, energy and sustainability, and challenges how humans are impacting the natural world. Students will be asked to produce their own ideas to make The Ongar Academy more sustainable.

During half term two, year 8 are studying the restless earth. Students will study the theories behind tectonic movement and the impact this has on different communities around the world. Students will investigate the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland in 2010 and the Tohoku earthquake in Japan in 2011.

Year 9

Half term 1

Year 9 will begin the year studying ‘Cold Environments’. This topic encompasses both the human and physical geography surrounding tundra and polar environments, with a particular focus on Antarctica and countries within the Arctic circle.

Within this topic, students will investigate the reasons for a reduction in the world’s ice cover and the implications this poses to the rest of the world. We will look into the physical processes that have lead to glaciers carving out the landscapes that we can see today. As well as this, we will also consider the opportunities and threats that come with living in such fragile environments.

Half term 2

During half term two, year 9 will be studying ‘The Development Gap’, a topic that looks into the development of countries worldwide and the impacts this has had on their population over the decades.

We will be focussing on the gap between more and less developed countries, how this has transpired, and what has been implemented to narrow the gap between the rich and poor.

What assessment will students do this term?

Half term 1

Year 7- World geography and map skills.

Year 8- World geography and map skills.

Year 9- Extended writing piece based on the future of Antarctica.

Half term 2

Year 7- Energy and the environment.

Year 8- Tectonic processes.

Year 9- Exam paper with short and long answer questions on development.

What homelearning will be set this term?

Half term 1 Yr 7 and 8

  1. Design a postcard from your summer holidays.
  2. To complete ‘A tour of Britain’ task.
  3. Unit 1 revision in preparation for end of unit assessment.

Half term 2 Yr 7

  1. Complete questions 1-3 on page 40 of the geog.3 kerboodle book.
  2. Research what is being done to tackle pollution in Europe.
  3. Complete a revision poster on unit 2 in preparation for end of unit assessment.

Half term 2 Yr 8

  1. Research task on the theory of continental drift.
  2. Research task on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
  3. To create an earthquake acrostic poem.

To complete earthquake resistant building design.

Year 9

Students will be required to complete four tasks (two per half term) during the Autumn term using the ‘Geography homelearning takeaway menu’. A new menu will be issued to students for every unit as the tasks are tailored to the current unit of study. These will be posted on ‘Milk’.

Tasks: Each group will be given two deadlines per half term as displayed on Milk. For each deadline ONE task of choice should be completed. It is preferable that students choose tasks of varying difficulties e.g. one ‘lemon and herb’ and one ‘hot’ task.

What can we do at home to help with this term’s learning?

Year 7

Ensure students are completing all home learning tasks to a high standard and on time.

Use mapzone to revise geographical skills.

Spend time on Earth maps (an app installed on students’ chromebooks) so students become more familiar with different parts of the world.

Revising spellings for key terms.

Stay up to date with recent events in the news that are linked to our topic of study.

Year 8

Ensure students are completing all home learning tasks to a high standard and on time.

Revising spellings for key terms.

Use this link to explore more about the restless earth topic including earthquakes, volcanoes and the inner earth.

Stay up to date with recent events in the news that are linked to our topic of study.

Year 9

Ensure homelearning is being completed by the deadline (as seen on Milk).
Encourage students to revise at home in preparation for assessments.
Revise spellings and key geographical terminology.
Stay up to date with events in the news to enhance geographical knowledge.
Make use of the following websites to complete wider reading.

What extension project can students complete at home on this topic?

Year 7

Students should use the links below, as well as others to create an initiative for The Ongar Academy in a bid to become a more sustainable school.

The Energy Debate


Year 8

To produce an A3 table/poster to compare the impacts of a natural hazard (volcanic eruption or earthquake) in a poorer country to that of a richer country. How do they respond and cope with the aftermath of a disaster?

Year 9

Should students wish to complete further homelearning in order to make further progress they should aim to complete an extra ‘hot’ or ‘extra hot’ task from the Geography homelearning takeaway menu.

Students can also look for exemplar material on the AQA GCSE Geography website to complete some exam practice.

Create a bank of revision cards for each unit of study to aid with revision.

What are some great websites that can help with this term’s studies?

National Geographic

Ordnance Survey



BBC Education

EEA Europa

Renewable Energy UK

Year 9

Cold Environments





The Development Gap







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