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What will students study this term?

In Year 7, students will begin their historical learning by investigating events in the past that historians have failed to reach decisive conclusions. From exploring the mystery of people on a Roman beach, the real motive behind the murder of an English king, to the possible reasons for skeletons to be found with their heads removed from their bodies, the student will explore possible inferences to reach their own deductions. This topic is followed by the study of the Roman occupation of Britain in the medieval period, particularly focusing on the changes that occurred and to the extent that the natives accepted their foreign rulers.

In Year 8, the students move away from the medieval period and study Britain in the early modern period. They will study how key events in history had an impact on British society, such as the Black Death, the Peasants’ Revolt and the English Reformation. Though these topics are separated over two hundred years, they all have significant political and religious consequences on British society.

In Year 9, students begin their studies of the modern period on a global scale. They will explore the causes and events of the First World War. It is crucial that the students understand the reasons behind the war and which country could be held “responsible” for starting the war. The students will then study the experiences and battles during the war. This topic will conclude with how the war ended and the consequences Germany had to face as a result of their defeat.

What assessment will students do this term?

Each year group will undergo an extended written task at least once a half term. The skills tested will centre around the key concept the topic is exploring (causation, change and continuity, significance) and indicate their understanding of the topic. The style of assessment and the wording of the questions are phrased in such a way to prepare the students for GCSE.

What homelearning will be set this term?

Each year group will receive a homelearning menu where the students will complete two tasks from the menu every half term, that is monitored by the teacher. The tasks on the menu are more challenging further up the menu. The tasks range from written, to creative, to exam preparation.

What can we do at home to help with this term’s learning?

Ensure students are completing all home learning tasks to a high standard and on time.

Revising spellings for key terms. Revisiting lesson material prior to assessments and practising the PEE paragraph structure. Materials used in lesson can be found in the shared Humanities folder in students’ ‘Shared with Me’ drive on their chromebooks.

What extension project can students complete at home on this topic?

Year 7 students can complete the castles project which is available in the shared Humanities folder in their ‘Shared with Me’ drive. This project can be found in the challenge tasks folder. This will develop their ability to explain historical change.

Year 8 students can write a report about Henry VIII based on historical sources from this site http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/henryviii/

This will develop students’ ability to use historical sources, they should also consider the reliability of the sources they have used.

Students can also listen to a podcast about Henry VIII and write a report about what they have learned. http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documents/henry-viii-dynasty.mp3

Year 9 students should purchase the “Forgotten Voices of the Great War” by Max Arthur.  Selecting a range of accounts, summarise the different experiences of the soldiers during the war.  Consider their attitudes, the fighting, the living conditions, their hopes, their fears.

What further reading is recommended to support this area of study?

Year 7
Horrible Histories – Measly Middle Ages
History’s Witches by Lisa Graves

Year 8
Horrible Histories – Terrible Tudors
Henry VIII (Young Reading Series Three) by Jonathan Melmoth
Reign Of Henry VIII: The Personalities and Politics by Dr David Starkey
Henry VIII: The Flawed King by David Bradley

Year 9
Forgotten Voices of the First World War – Max Arthur
First World War: a new history – Hew Strachan
Horrible Histories – Frightful First World War

What are some great websites that can help with this term’s studies?

Year 7





Year 8





Year 9







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