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What will students study this term?

In Year 7, the students continue their medieval studies by focusing their attention on Norman occupation of Britain once the Romans left.  During this topic, the students study why the Normans invaded Britain and how the Normans integrated into British society, especially with natives who did not approve.

In Year 8, the students continue their early modern studies moving from the English Reformation onto the 17th Century where they will explore the turmoil under the Stuarts.  From the Early Stuarts, to the Civil War, to the Republic, to the Restoration, to the Glorious Revolution, the students will explore how this point in British history went full circle.

In Year 9, the students will continue their modern history by studying the turning points in the Second World War.  During this topic, the students will explore key moments in the war that allowed the Allies to be victorious, against all the odds.

What assessment will students do this term?

Each year group will undergo an extended written task at least once a half term.  The skills tested will centre around the key concept the topic is exploring (causation, change and continuity, significance) and indicate their understanding of the topic.  The style of assessment and the wording of the questions are phrased in such a way to prepare the students for GCSE.

What homelearning will be set this term?

Each year group will receive a homelearning menu where the students will complete two tasks from the menu every half term, that is monitored by the teacher.  The tasks on the menu are more challenging further up the menu.  The tasks range from written, to creative, to exam preparation.

What can we do at home to help with this term’s learning?

Ensure students are completing all home learning tasks to a high standard and on time.

Revising spellings for key terms. Revisiting lesson material prior to assessments and practising the PEE paragraph structure. Materials used in lesson can be found in the shared Humanities folder in students’ ‘Shared with Me’ drive on their chromebooks.

What extension project can students complete at home on this topic?

Year 7 students can explore in detail the Domesday book on this site:


There are a number of online tasks within this site which will improve students’ understanding of power in Medieval times.

Year 8 students can complete the questions on this website:


This will help them develop their understanding of the topic, especially the chronology.

Year 9 students can explore the following website:


What further reading is recommended to support this area of study?

Year 7

Horrible Histories

Year 8

Horrible Histories – Slimy Stuarts

The English Civil War – Dan Ackroyd

Year 9

Code Name Verity – Elizabeth Wein

What are some great websites that can help with this term’s studies?

Yr 7

BBC Education

Spartacus Website

National Archives

Yr 8

BBC Education


National Archives





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