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Work updated from now on will be given a date to enable parents, carers and students to see which work they have already accessed.

This page will be continuously updated throughout our closure. If you have issues accessing MILK, this is where you will find the resources in a more accessible format.  Unfortunately we cannot offer paper packs. Contact the school office with any issues.

Google Classroom Social Narrative

Student Support Resources

Chat Health Poster

Chat Health – School Nurse Support

Virgin Care Campaign Bulletin – Stress Awareness


Student MILK Accounts Password resets

If your child is having difficulty accessing their MILK Planner Log in they are able to reset their password by entering their google email address [email protected] – alternatively please contact the school office.

Parents Guide to Milk

Please be aware that occasionally MILK may become unavailable due to the heavy number of users accessing it. 


Student Google Accounts Password resets

If they are unable to access their google account in particular their email inbox, please email the Ongar Academy IT support contact directly by emailing [email protected]

Please note to do this you must use the parent/carer contact email address recorded on the schools database system. In accordance with GDPR, this is a security measure to ensure we can check our records and do not reset passwords for the wrong student.


Internal Resources


25/3/20 – Eng – Y8 Dystopian Home Learning Booklet

English Community Project – Year 7 & 8

Creative Writing

Non-Fiction Writing

Year 7 – Non-Fiction Project

Year 8 – Writing Tasks

Year 9 – English Language Paper 1


Year 9 Maths Resources on Google Classroom and MILK

Mathematics – 6-8 – Paper 2

Mathematics – 5-7 – Paper 1

Mathematics – 4-6 – Paper 1

Mathematics – 3-5 – Paper 1

Mark Scheme – Non-calculator

Mark Scheme – Calculator

Maths Support – Year 11


Science Resources – Access Guide

Year 7 – It’s a Bugs Life 1

Year 7 – It’s a Bugs Life 2

Year 7 – It’s a Bugs Life 3

Year 8 – Stranded 1

Year 8 -Stranded 2

AQA GCSE Biology – Bioenergetics

AQA GCSE Biology – Bioenergetics 2

GCSE AQA Chemistry – Chemical Changes 2

GCSE AQA Chemistry – Chemical Changes

GCSE AQA Physics – Electricity 2

GCSE AQA Physics – Electricity


MFL – Google Classroom Codes


Y7 – History – Norman Workbook

Year 8 – History

Year 9 – History

Year 10 & 11 – History


Booklet-2 Profits and Breakeven

The Marketing Mix

Breakeven chart

Plumbing Place Qs



GCSE Summaries


Beethoven – Pathetique

Beethoven – Booklet

Vocab 1

Vocab 2

Beethoven – Pathetique

Vocab Definitions


Year 10 Design Challenge – DT

Dynamic Easter (or greetings) Card Challenge – KS3


Year 10 GCSE PE


Year 11 Drama

Year 11 BB Script

Year 11 Drama Resources

Year 10 GCSE Drama

Theatre Research Project – Year 7, 8 and 9

External Resources

Oxford University Press – Secondary Resources

University of Leeds – Free Online Resources


Essex Library Services – Online Services



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