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What will students study this term?

Yr 7

Year 7 will build upon their knowledge of algebra to solve simple equations. They will also be working on shape and space and will know how to calculate area, perimeter and volume for 2D and 3D shapes as well as visualise shapes on a coordinate grid. Students will greatly improve their knowledge of data handling and will have the opportunity to collect and interpret data as well as model their data using a variety of graphs and charts.

Yr 8

Students will be working on solving more difficult equations and will begin to understand how substitution can be used to draw straight line and quadratic graphs. They will also be working on shape and space, building on their existing knowledge and finding the area and circumference of a circle. They will be applying their knowledge to solve more challenging area and volume problems. Finally, students will extend their knowledge on probability and analysing and should be able to compare two sets of data.

Yr 9

Students will work on algebra and data handling this term. They will extend their knowledge of drawing graphs to include quadratic and cubic graphs as well as use graphs to solve simultaneous equations. They will also build upon their existing knowledge of probability and analysing graphs to solve problems with combined events and understand more complex methods of representing data.

What assessment will students do this term?

Students will be assessed on all topics covered since September. This will be in the form of a one hour non-calculator assessment, a one hour calculator assessment and a mental test. A further assessment will take place prior to the summer holidays.

What homelearning will be set this term?

Homelearning is set once a week. Each piece of homelearning should take approximately 30 minutes. There will be a range of worksheet and online tasks for students to consolidate their learning from lessons.

What can we do at home to help with this term’s learning?

Talk to your child about what they have been doing in lessons. Please ensure they spend the correct amount of time on their home learning; each piece should be about 30 minutes. Have a conversation with them about what they are doing well and what they need to do to improve.  Multiplication and division practice is invaluable.

What extension project can students complete at home on this topic?

Past Edexcel GCSE paper questions are a fantastic method for students to extend their knowledge and are arranged by topic to allow students to focus on a current topic or a target for improvement. These can be accessed at:  http://www.mathsgenie.co.uk/gcse.html

In addition to this, Mr Corbett Maths has some excellent resources on all topics with most answers available. This can be accessed at www.corbettmaths.com

What are some great websites that can help with this term’s studies?












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