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School uniform is compulsory for Years 7 – 11. All students are expected to wear full school uniform correctly at all times (including to and from school). Whilst much of the uniform can be bought in many high street retailers, the official school blazer, tie and PE kit are ONLY available through our sole preferred supplier.

Our sole preferred supplier is Schoolwear Plus based in Chelmsford:


We would strongly encourage you to attend at the shop for your child to be measured at the earliest opportunity.

School Uniform

  • Blazer: Black, school design with badge, two different shapes are available to best suit specific body types. The house colour and year group colour have been removed from blazers.
  • White blouse or white shirt: The blouse should have a revere collar, the white shirt should have a collar with the top button fastened and must always be worn with a tie.

Any vests or undergarments worn under the blouse or shirt must be white or natural in colour and should not be visible.  Blouses and shirts must always be tucked into skirts or trousers.

  • Tie: The tie must be the school design and should be an appropriate length. A tie is only required if the student is wearing a white shirt, it is not needed if blouses are worn.
  • Jumpers: Optional – these should be plain black and V-neck.
  • Trousers or skirt: Trousers must be plain black, traditional cut and formal in style. Skirts must be black with a central inverted pleat, worn on the knee.
  • Black socks or black tights: Plain black ankle socks or plain black opaque tights can be worn.
  • Shoes: These must be black and formal. Trainers are not allowed (except when authorised for medical reasons).  Footwear must be sensible, have polishable uppers and grip soles with no visible logos.  They should have a low heel.
  • Hair: Hair colour not considered to be natural, or any extreme colour is not permitted. Students having lines or patterns cut into their hairstyle e.g. V-cuts are not acceptable.  Any shaved hair must be a barber’s grade 2 or above.  Excessive hair accessories should not be worn.  Long hair should be tied up in some lessons on grounds of health and safety.
  • Nails – No false nails or nail varnish are allowed.
  • Make up – Any make up worn must be discreet. Staff should not be able to easily notice that the student is wearing make-up.  Make-up that is deemed acceptable is concealer, light mascara and a lip balm.

Bright coloured lipsticks, heavy pencilled eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, heavy mascara and fake eyelashes are not acceptable, and students will be asked to remove this.

  • Jewellery – One small stud is allowed in each ear lobe. No other piercing is permitted.  A small plain religious symbol may be worn around the neck and a wristwatch is permitted.  A medical bracelet can be worn.  No other jewellery is permitted.
  • Coats, scarves, hats and gloves – These should be worn to and from school in cold weather, but should be removed once in the school building. They should be plain in colour. Leather coats/jackets, hooded tops and those dominated by a logo are not permitted.

If head scarves are to be worn indoors, these should be black in colour. (Although white will be allowed in the warmer weather).


PE Kit

  • Black/Green Sports Top
  • Black/Green Shorts or Skort

(Black leggings are permitted to be worn under these items)

  • Black/Green Socks
  • White sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots


  • Black/Green Rugby top: (Optional but highly recommended for those wishing to participate in rugby and football teams.)
  • Black/Green Tracksuit
  • Black/Green Rain Jacket


All uniform must be labelled with the student’s name, so if items are lost, they can be easily returned.



  • Oxford Mathematics Set
  • Casio FX83GT Plus or FX83ES
  • Planner (supplied by school)
  • Pen (plus a spare – blue/black)
  • Pencil (plus a spare)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Highlighting Pen
  • Glue Stick
  • Collins French (and Spanish) Dictionary
  • English Dictionary
  • Bottle of Water



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