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Dear Parents,

Recently, the school has reviewed some of the current procedures and I am writing to you to begin a process of consultation on the future of written reports.

We recognise that reports can be a valuable source of information for parents but we also recognise that the bureaucratic mechanisms in the background in order to set them up take a long time and can be onerous on staff time. Currently the school reports to parents in tracking three times a year in Year Seven and twice a year in Year Eight and Nine. A further full written report for each year group is then provided annually.

We feel as a school that the opportunity to meet with parents at consultation evening gives a verbal confirmation of the information available via the full written reports and that perhaps written reports do not merit the significant amount of time devoted to them behind the scenes. We also know that the reports take six weeks to do and so are likely to be out of date before they go home.

For this reason, the school proposes for 2018/19 to cease full written reports and to replace with a further tracking process for each year group (one which reflects data acquired over internal examinations). The structure of the year will then be as follows:

Year 7

Term 1 Settling Tracking + Autumn Tracking

Term 2 Spring Tracking

Term 3 Exam Results Tracking


Year 8

Term 1 Autumn Tracking

Term 2 Spring Tracking

Term 3 Exam Results Tracking


Year 9

Term 1 Autumn Tracking

Term 2 Spring Tracking

Term 3 Exam Results Tracking

To be clear, this does NOT reduce the amount of times the school corresponds with you as regards to your child’s progress. It changes the nature of the feedback you receive. Parent’s consultation evenings will also continue in a similar way, the only change being to formalise and adapt our approaches in Year Seven to welcome parents more effectively into the school.

How you can respond to this consultation:

In order to respond to this consultation, you can engage in one of two different ways.


  • Write a formal letter based or email based response to the Headteacher via the school address or the [email protected]
  • Engage with the short google survey found on the web address below:

Survey Link

The closing date for this consultation will be 29 March 2018.

Results and responses will be communicated via the school newsletter in the summer term.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

Mr David Grant



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