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The Ongar Academy

Resilience, Respect, Integrity, Community.

Teaching and Learning

Our vision is embraced throughout the school but nowhere more so than in our philosophical approach to elements of teaching and learning.  Through PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise Education), our students are taught how to become independent, resilient learners from the very start and learn the skills needed to face their future in an internationally competitive world.


Assessment for learning


We ensure an approach to teaching and learning that is rooted in sound educational practice and research.  Each year, we encourage teaching staff from each faculty to undertake research and development and then to share their findings with colleagues. Alongside this, we operate a continued focus upon assessment for learning.  For many years now this particular initiative has been thought of as the single most important philosophy schools can follow in order to secure the highest attainment for students.  Lessons feature regular reviews of progress and the desire to see a continuously outstanding level of learning.


Setting and banding


In line with modern educational research, students when new to the school receive baseline testing to allow ability based groups in the subjects where research states it makes a difference; Mathematics, English, Science, Technology, Computing and Modern Foreign Languages.


Parents should feel reassured that these groups are not rigid as the school recognises that intelligence and ability are not fixed. The sets are continuously reviewed at least once a half term.

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