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Resilience, Respect, Integrity, Community.

The Wider School


At The Ongar Academy, we put our school motto, ‘Affectare ad Optimum (‘Aspire to Greatness’) into practice by providing all students with the skills needed to optimise their learning, progress and academic outcomes.


Progress and effort are reported to students and parents on a regular basis, through Parents’ Consultation Evenings, written reports and tracking reports.


Where it is identified that individual students are at risk of underperforming, appropriate and timely personalised interventions are put in place. Where students are making excellent progress, or are exceeding their target levels/grades, a range of stretch and challenge initiatives are encouraged. These will include extension work in individual subjects and invitations to attend summer schools.


Providing an All – round Education for Every Student


All students at The Ongar Academy have access to an outstanding, exciting and engaging range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities. These are aimed at developing students’ interests, introducing them to stimulating new opportunities and promoting important personal skills such as teamwork, initiative and resilience.


Leadership forms a central theme in the school with opportunities for all students to build the critical skills that will increase their employability in later life. The students are encouraged to participate in a schools council, discuss and debate ideas and find new and innovative solutions to old problems. Classrooms are busy, productive places full of energy and excitement with opportunity for practical activity and interaction.


The House System


When a child joins the school, they are assigned to one of four houses: Agnesi, Brunel, Curie and Darwin. Each house is associated with a colour and encourages our students to mix with others in different year groups and engage in a wealth of enjoyable activities.


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Agnesi                   Brunel                      Curie                               Darwin

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