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Year 11

Welcome to our Year 11 page. Under this tab you will find links to everything you need to know about the support being offered to our year 11 students to help them to maximise their full potential.


Every week there will be a KS4 Newsletter that will be sent home to parents/carers highlighting further information and students' success stories around attendance, positive behaviour and special recognition nominations. 


In our Form Time Activities page you will find a copy of all of the sessions being offered to our year 11:






Virtual Assembly

Option A/B Revision


Character Education 






Character Education 




 Option C/D Revision  


AM Registration


Virtual Assembly - Our virtual assemblies are delivered by teaching staff at TOA on a weekly basis. Staff will deliver an assembly on themes that reflect the school week and further educate our pupils around the values of the assembly. 


Character Education - We deliver Character Education twice in the school week on both Tuesday and Thursdays. This opportunity enables our students to develop their knowledge and understanding around Health and Well-being, Relationships and the Wider World. This is a programme that is run throughout the school from Years 7-11 covering a variety of important topics.


Motivation/Careers - Our sessions are focussed around embedding tips and strategies that our students can use throughout their studies. Students will also be guided and supported around their own aspirations in future employment. Discussions around college applications, CV writing and interview tips are some of the areas that are covered in this topic. 


Quiz - On Friday's form groups will compete against each other in teams around general knowledge questions. 


PM Registration


As we are not currently offering aspirational sessions (afterschool) for  our students we  therefore offer additional revision/top up lessons in our tutor programme. Heads of Faculty & Heads of Department have issued booklets, revision guides and loom videos to our students where they have dedicated time in form time across the week. The importance of retrieval practice and revision is crucial to our students in preparation for their summer exams. 


The Subject Information pages will provide parents and students with an overview of Year 11 study, a range of knowledge organisers and numerous revision guides. These resources are accessible both inside and outside of school to ensure that your child has all they need to become successful learners.  


There is also a page full of useful Careers Information.  


Mr Hudgell

Associate Senior Leader 

Standards and Progress Leader of Years 10 &11

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