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Who's Who

Academy Leadership Team

Mr. J. Sands


Mr. C. Abrey

Deputy Headteacher

Ms. R. Gilbert

Deputy Headteacher - Safeguarding

Mrs. N. Foster

Assistant Headteacher

Mr. W. Ritchie

Assistant Headteacher

Mr. S. Williams

Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs. Z. Hafiz


Ms. S. Botterell

Headteacher's Personal Assistant

Ms. E. Valentine

Bridge Academy Trust Assistant Headteacher

Mr. N. Wilcox

Bridge Academy Trust Assistant Headteacher



Extended Academy Leadership Team

Mr. S. Williams

Assistant Headteacher - Standard and Progress Leader – Year 11

Mr. S. Talbot

Standard and Progress Leader – Year 7 and 8

Mr. C. Hudgell

Standard and Progress Leader – Year 9 and 10



Mrs. S. Stewart

Head of Faculty PE and Performing Arts

Mr. D. Bourton

Head of Faculty MFL

Mrs N. Foster

Head of Faculty Maths, Computer Science and Business Studies

Mr. W. Ritchie

Head of Faculty Science & Technology

Mr. M. Knox

Head of Faculty English and Media 



Mrs. Z. Hafiz




Mr. B. Charles                      Art



Mr. M. Knox

Head of English, Media Faculty and Humanities

Mrs. B. McIntosh

English and Media

Miss. V. Lloyd


Mr B. Balase


Mrs. R. Marsh

Associate Assistant Headteacher 

Ms. L. FidlerEnglish



Mr. R. Dickson


Mr. B. Agombar

Head of Geography



Mrs. N. Foster

Head of Mathematics and Computer Science

Mrs. R. Miah

Head of Computing 

Mrs. M. Longman

Second in Charge of Mathematics

Mr. C. Abrey

Deputy Headteacher and Mathematics

Mr. R. Drew



Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Mr. D. Bourton

Head of MFL

Mrs. M. Bolton




Mr. W. Ritchie                        Head of Faculty Science & Design Technology


Mr. H. Huhulski                      Head of Science

Miss. S. Smith                        Science

Mr. M. Ingall                           Science

Ms. R. Gilbert                         Science


PE and Performing Arts

Mrs. S. Stewart

Head of PE and Performing Arts

Mr. S. Talbot


Mr. C. Hudgell


Miss. G. Faley


Mr. S. Williams


Ms. F. NormanMusic



Design & Technology 
Mr. C. GregoryDT


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department

Mrs. Z. Hafiz


Mrs. C. Martin


Miss. K. Gilbey

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. C. Dorman

Learning Support Assistant

Miss. D. Hedges

Learning Support Assistant

Miss. D. GinnLearning Support Assistant
Miss. L. HarwoodLearning Support Assistant


Student Support Team

Mrs. T. Goulding

Attendance Officer

Mrs. C. Alexander

Pastoral Leader

Ms S. Kawsar

Pastoral Leader

Mr. T. Raynor

Reflections Manager


Operations Team

Mrs. S. Madge

Data, Timetabling Manager & IT Support

Mrs. M. de la Torre

Exams Officer

Mr. M. Thorpe

Cover Supervisor


Administration Team

Miss. V. Phillipou

Office Team

Mrs. J. Oates

Office Team

Mrs. N. Collings

Office Team - Reception

Mrs. V. ClarkeOffice Team - First Aid



Mr. S. Pearson

Science and Design Technology (DT)




Site Team

Mr. M. Hammond

Site Manager

Mr. W. Sames

Assistant Site Manager


Catering Team

Mrs. S. Parradine

Catering Manager

Miss. R. Simper

Catering Team

Mrs. T. Ridge

Catering Team

Mrs. S. ThomasCatering Team


Cleaning Team

Miss. L. Monk

Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs. S. Davis


Miss. K. Ambrose


Miss. J. Ambrose


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Registered Office: Community Building, Bridge Academy Trust, Brian Close, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 9DZ.

Tel: 01245 202 937